"We Love It!"


Our entire family used Sachili in different ways! We love it! My son uses it to spice up fried rice, I use it in my dry rubs, marinades and garnishes, my daughter adds it when she makes guacamole and my husband to his homemade hamburgers. It’s our every day and favourite spice!


"Bold & Beautiful!"


I connected with the Sachili line in 2018 at a trade show and couldn't get it out of my mind. Those tiny flakes of big bold flavour in my sensory memory bank waiting to come out at another time. Well that time is NOW, as my delicious business, Tasty Road Trips has been custom curating Explore Local Tasting Boxes. We love to support local independent culinary businesses who are rocking the gourmet product space. When I reconnected with Sachili they were incredible to work with, we offered over 40 monthly subscribers a taste of Sachili...AND...they all loved it! This unique Chili Infused Topper is the new healthier condiment with no shaking or pouring required. Grab a jar, or three ... you will love it!  The Bold & Beautiful are back and in every jar of Sachili! 

-Jan Vilaca, owner of Tasty Road Trips Tours

"I Put It On Everything!"


Essentially I love this product so much. I’ve tried all the flavours and they have amazing flavour and texture, but my favourite is the Chia Goji Moringa. I put it on everything and especially love it on grilled meats and seafood. Yum!


"I Love Sachili!"


For our household, Sachili has become a condiment! We need to add taste to everything from Pizza, meatballs to bread and butter for the extra crunch! My family and I would highly recommend this as a household staple.


"Changed the Game"


The addition of Sachili spice toppings to my food has completely changed the game. The spice definitely has a kick but the heat is quickly countered by the sweetness. I've tried it on chicken, fish, eggs, and even avocados. I have tried original and smoked red pepper - and i'll be definitely buying more as I now put Sachili on everything!


"You will never want to be without it!"


I am a home chef and always looking for new flavours in my creations.  When I tried the Sachili Goji and Moringa the very first time, I was blown away by the complexity of its flavour that helped made my dish a huge hit with my family! I have since tried all the different flavours and LOVE them all. I use them on literally EVERYTHING I cook, whether it is in a dry rub, marinate or just as a quick topping for my eggs, steamed vegetables, and pasta! Even my teenage son loves using it when he is cooking simple dishes because a little gives so much flavour punch! Give this a try and you will never ever want to be without it!


"Addictively Good"


Picked a jar up at The Yoga Show in Toronto. Love the smokey flavour, it's very addictive.


"A Huge Hit!"


I got some of the Satchili Original and experimented with it for the first time with friends who were staying with me. They loved it so much, they started adding it to all our meals and the jar was gone in days!! It is time to get some more :)


"The Gourmet Sidekick You Never Knew You Needed"


The spices are delicious! All can be used to enhance the flavour of any dish.




Love the crunch and spice factor. It’s not just hot - it’s smoky, complex and adds oomph. I’ll get more when this runs out for sure.


"Gone In A Week!"


We loved it so much it was gone in a week! Thank you! Delicious.


"Love It!"


I put Sachili on everything. It really makes everything taste better. Just placed my second order :)


"Perfect For Everything!"


Sachili is awesome and we literally put this on everything….even our oatmeal!


"Yes. Yes. Yes!"


So many chili products are overpowering and it's all you can taste afterwards. There is definitely a sophisticated signature feel and flavour with Sachili.


"Sachili Is Amazing!"


Somehow subtle yet distinct! It tastes so refined, it's so smooth. The aftertaste is wonderful!