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Sachili Flavour Topping: ORIGINAL
Our signature flavour topping is bursting with delicious taste and brings the perfect balance of heat, sweet, savory and crunch to just about anything (eggs, pasta and pizza are some of our customer favs). Reinvigorate the daily cooking experience...
Our newest medium-heat smoked red pepper seasoning, offers an infusion of smoky flavours made from a combination of slow-roasted red peppers, chilis and paprika bringing elevated flavours to virtually any dish. It has all the peppery taste without...
Sachili Flavour Topping: CHIA GOJI MORINGA
Our newest addition brings together the most flavourful superfoods and infuses these with a hint of heat. This new topping makes it easy to add nutrient dense ingredients onto every day foods! Ingredients: Organic white chia, organic garlic, organ...
Sachili Gourmet Vegan Popcorn - Savory Superfood
3 pack of 35g bags of Sachili's flavored popcorn! We've taken our premium popcorn to the next level by adding five nutrient-dense superfoods to create a snack that not only tastes great but is also good for you. Each kernel is air-popped to preser...
Sachili Gourmet Vegan Popcorn - Savoury Chili
3 packs of 35g bags of Sachili's gourmet flavored popcorn! Experience the perfect blend of savory and spicy with every bite of our delicious popcorn. Made with the finest quality non-gmo kernels, our popcorn is popped to perfection and then flavor...