We Did It! The journey to launching Sachili

We Did It! The journey to launching Sachili

None of this would be possible without a little insight into how I arrived at this destination. 

My journey began years ago as a leader in high growth technology companies. During these formative years, I learned the key ingredients to building a successful business:

  • High quality product
  • Authentic brand
  • Scalable operations
  • Happy customers
  • Engaged employees

Wrapped around a ecosystem of strong values and great leadership and you’ve got a winning recipe!  I also soon realized that the energy and drive of working alongside some of the most passionate entrepreneurs had become contagious. I knew that one day, I too wanted a taste of growing and building something extraordinary. 

Enter Sachili, a product that had been simmering in the back-burner all along. After taking a break from the corporate world and some much needed down-time with my husband and 2 daughters, I embarked on a personal journey that would combine my business experience with my true passion - FOOD!

I found myself experimenting in the kitchen and would often reinvent common (but unhealthy) recipes and create my own version. Imagine oil-free & sugar-free baked goods; boiled dumpling style samosas; quinoa & black rice biryani; gluten-free veggie roti; the list goes on and on! In the process, I got tired of relying on additive filled Siracha and common hot sauces to amp up the flavours and heat of everyday foods. The grocery aisles didn’t offer many healthy alternatives either so I embarked on a mission to experiment with fresh, simple and high quality ingredients. The result? A must-have chili infused line-up of condiments unlike anything else on the market!

We all need to EAT everyday.

We can all use inspiration in the kitchen to PLAY and reinvent ordinary dishes into something special.

Alas, SACHILI is what helps make it all happen!

I'm so excited to officially launch Sachili – an all-natural, organic and gluten-free infused condiment. I hope you’ll love my product as much as I have loved creating it. Drop me a line and tell me, how do you Sachili?

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cani buy this in a store

Linda Moscovitch

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