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Straddling Tech and Taste

Straddling Tech and Taste

Straddling Tech & Taste

In 2018 I decided to take some big risks. I embarked on a new venture in the food industry while continuing to straddle my time supporting high growth technology businesses.

So how did I even get to this point? Having spent the past 20+ years working alongside some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs, I wanted to bring to life everything that I learned along the way. The grit, daily hustle and can-do attitude of building your brand & vision and never giving up despite the odds are key traits that I now bring to Sachili on a daily basis. I remember my CEO client recently telling me “it's so hard in the beginning, isn’t it?”. And he was right, but he was also standing across from me beaming with pride having made it.  I was now determined to do the same.

So “why food?” is the question I often get asked. Well, the answer is simple: innovating with healthy food options has always been my passion but more importantly, I wanted to stretch my learning beyond a world that was very familiar to me. I also wanted to create and build something that brought unsurmountable pleasure and happiness to consumers – Sachili was the conduit to doing just that. I entered uncharted territory not having a single contact that I could leverage. This pushed me out of my comfort zone, I showed up to as many networking events as possible and engaged every industry expert that I came across. I essentially transformed myself into an active sponge in daily conversations. This effort has already started to pay off since I am now privileged to have numerous mentors and advisors to support me on this new journey.

I just spent a very long but fulfilling weekend at CHFA East which was the official launchpad for introducing Sachili products to Canadian retailers, brokers and distributors. We were completely overwhelmed with the response. “Your products are so innovative! We love the flavors! Congrats on developing such great products!” are sentiments we heard over and over again. Despite having barely scratched the industry surface, we continue to be humbled at how much our customers genuinely love Sachili flavors.

Sachili is no doubt navigating in a very tough industry but we continue to be cautiously optimistic at the opportunities ahead. In the meantime, my commitment and passion in supporting my clients to successfully grow and scale their businesses remain unchanged. I’m determined to find a way to balance my love of both Tech and Taste!!


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