Hot and spicy festivals, food and wine shows, and street food themed restaurants have now become staples in most major cities. We can thank the well-travelled tastemaker millennials for the growing trend of global flavors and foods becoming more main stream. Is this trend here to stay? As long as global travel, health and wellness awareness and the continued integration of diverse communities stay on course, this trend is likely not reversing anytime soon.

The world is becoming smaller.  The confluence of technology, social media and cultural exchange has resulted in a world that is more accessible, and the millennials are leading the pack. The window into different cultures and attitudes can be opened with greater ease than ever before. Barriers are lowered, curiosity satisfied, and new friendships made.  An authentic experience of culture through food is powerful, in which exposure to different flavors, spices and ingredients can truly be enlightening and enriching.  The silky smoothness of a rich Thai coconut curry, the savory delight of Indian coastal cuisine or the buttery juiciness of a Texan rib eye - each ignite the senses in different and unique ways.  For many, bringing these flavors home is a way to stay connected to their travel experiences.

Beyond taste, world cuisine lends itself to fulfilling our health and wellness goals.  Mediterranean cuisine, with its emphasis on grilled seafood, meats and nutritious vegetables or plant-based Indian diets can at once be delicious and nutrient dense.  Bringing some of these elements home to our kitchens can elevate the flavors and health of our daily meals.

In the city of Toronto, you can walk a mere block and pass by a local taco eatery, a Chinese bakery and a mosque without thinking twice about these seemingly unrelated communities. The integration of different generations from all parts of our globe has continued to peak our curiosity and our palettes, bringing us closer together. We are no longer intimidated to change our meal prep routines and spontaneously introduce new flavors and dishes into our homes.

 Be adventurous. Be curious.

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